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“I want to make music for the misfits. I know what it is like to be lonely and misunderstood.” Leah grew up in East Liverpool, Ohio. Born into a devoted ministry minded family, Leah grew up “under the pew” of her local church. But never seeming to ‘fit in’ with the kids in school or at church, Leah started writing music and lyrics about her experiences. As early as age 9, Leah was playing drums for her church.

Leah quickly found music as a outlet for her most innermost thoughts and feelings, and a way to reach out to those who very much felt in the position of isolation and loneliness. Leah states, “I love music because It’s an escape and a way I can express myself. Being shy and a little odd, it’s always been difficult for me to express my moods and frame of mind. Music is really the only way I know how.”

Leah went on to learn a variety of different instruments; including guitar, piano, bass guitar, drums, and anything that made a sound. After a trip to Nashville for a music conference, Leah ran into one of the producers speaking at the event, Billy Smiley (WhiteHeart, Johnny Cash, The Technicolors, and The Newsboys).

He immediately saw there was something very unique, haunting, and different about her voice and her lyrics. Smiley states, “I was immediately captivated by her vocal purity and vulnerability, and in how she could capture the essence of the song. Most young singers don’t have that natural ability when starting out”. Both of them set out to record and develop her music and artistry. Leah’s heart and passion behind her music is to reach out and be different in the world of ordinary pop music- “The square peg trying to fit into a round hole”.

Music and Songwriting has become her voice to the world. Leah just released the 1st single from her debut CD called “Island” this spring, and the record will hit the street this summer. It will capture the listener with its depth and sound. Drawing from artists like Lana Del Rey, Weezer, Radiohead, The Shins, Melanie Martinez, and The Killers, she is set to take the world by storm in 2015.

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